Group Leader

Sergey Ponomarenko

Ph.D., University of Rochester, USA


Telephone: (902) 494 - 3270

Fax: (902) 422 - 7535

Ph.D. Candidates

Franklin Che

Starting Date: Sept. 2010

Research Interests: Nonlinear Plasmonics,Nonlinear Optics,Near field Scanning optical microscopy

MSc, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Sweden



Yashar Esfahani Monfared

Starting Date: May 2014

Research Interests: Non-linear Optics, Photonics and Optical Fibers



M.Sc. Candidates

Hitesh Yadav

Starting Date: May 2012

BSc, Jawaharlal Institute of Technology Borawan, India



Artorix de la Cruz de Ona

Starting Date: June 2015



Nimisha Subash, MSc, 2014-2016

Laleh Mokhtarpour, PhD, 2011-2016

  Now an assistant professor at Azad University (Noor branch), Iran

Shunchuan Yang, PhD, 2012-2015

  Now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto

Liyuan Ma, MSc, 2012-2015

  Now at IBM Halifax, NS, Canada

Hao Cheng, MSc, 2012-2015

  Now an RMA Technician at Comsale Company Inc., Toronto, Canada

Luyu Wang, MSc, 2011-2013

  Now a PhD student at the University of Waterloo

Soodeh Haghgoo, PhD, 2008-2012

  Now a Senior Embedded Software Developer at Gymtrack, Ottawa, Canada

Gazi Habiba Akter, MSc, 2008-2011

 Now at Intelligent Dynamics Canada, LTD and, Research Associate, NSCC Applied Research, Halifax, NS

Montasir Qasymeh, PhD, 2005-2010

 Now an associate professor at Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates

Mengdi Li, MSc, 2005-2008

 Now at OZ Optics, Ottawa, ON

Weihong Huang, PDF, 2006-2008

 Now a tenured staff member at Memorial University Hospital, St. John's, NL.